{ Review } Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

3 stars

“Never say no when you really want to say yes.”

Read in March 2020

Always and Forever, Lara Jean starts shortly after P.S. I Still Love You. Lara Jean chose to be with Peter Kavinsky, John Ambrose McLaren is out of the picture and is now in a relationship with some other girl, and basically, life goes on. Senior year is coming to an end and therefore the book mainly focuses on Prom, after-graduation party and of course college applications. Lara Jean plans to go to the same school as Peter, where he has already been accepted early thanks to lacrosse, however, she is still waiting for her acceptance letter. It’s her dream school because LJ being a homebody, she loves that it’s really close from home, close enough that she will be able to come back on the weekends, to cook and help her dad with Kitty.

Being done with all three books of this series, I can finally say that, overall, they were a mild disappointment. I started reading because I really enjoyed the movies but, in the end, I just couldn’t connect with the hype on the books. The thing is that overall, not much happens during book 2 and 3, honestly, they could have been meshed together into one and then be more interesting. In my opinion, there wasn’t enough going on in this book (or in the previous one) to keep me fully interested. On the bright side, I have to say that Lara Jean continued maturing in this book, and even though I disliked her in the previous books, I have to say that Chris took a huge part in that process, helping LJ figuring out what she wanted for herself, and putting HER decisions first.

“One day all of this will be proof, proof that we were here, proof that we loved each other. It’s the guarantee that no matter what happens to us in the future, this time was ours.”

I have been bored way too many times for such a short book. Even the romantical interaction between her and Peter started to bore me, and when I start to say that Peter bores me, it’s really not a good sign. I have to say that the college process is WAY different in France, you can basically go to any college you want, for free, and some private schools are more selective and expensive, but there is always a spot for you to the nearby college, so I think it’s one of the reasons I can’t connect with “college seeking” as a central book plot. I could connect more with the way LJ tried to find a balance between all the different parts of herself, between her love life, her family, school…

At the same time, Lara Jean has to help organize her dad’s wedding with their neighbour, Ms Rothschild, and in my opinion, this was the most interesting part of this book. How LJ’s dad was slowly moving on and the girls accepting their new step-mom to be, and more generally, the display of strong and healthy family bonds. However, I was really bummed about Margot’s reactions, she was just mean and I really couldn’t understand how she could be so selfish and close-minded, especially when you compare with Kitty’s reaction. Also, I wish that the Korean culture had been a more important part of these books, especially the third one where it lacked the most.

“I guess that’s part of growing up, too–saying goodbye to the things you used to love.”

I realize this review is shorter than what I usually post, but not much happened in this book therefore there is not much to say. That being said, I’ll definitely watch the third movie because, Noah Centineo, but I also noticed that the movies adaptation enhanced the books, concealing some of the flaws, so I’m sure it will be worth it.

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