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Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme that was created and is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, which is now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. This week, with Valentine’s day coming close, we are going to talk about Love. This week is a Freeby, and since I’ve already spoken about my favourite OTP and my favourite love interests several times, today I want to share with you my favourite non-romantic love in books.

Honourable mentions: 

As always, I wasn’t able to put all those I wanted in the restricted list of 10. Therefore, I decided once again to do honourable mentions so that you can be aware that those books deserve visibility as well. So here are my selection of four:
– Scythe Curie and Scythe Anastasia (Arc of Scythe) – I adore the love and respect there is between those two characters. I find the way they care for each other very cute and the age difference between Scythe Curie and Scythe Anastasia makes their relationship even more beautiful.
– Kell & Rhy Maresh (Shades of Magic) – Two brothers, two faces of the same coin, so different in their essence and yet so close. I really liked the dynamic between Kell and Rhy and I find brotherly love rare enough in YA that I need to post about them today.
– Jem Castairs & Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices) – Jem and Will are opposite in the same way Kell and Rhy are. They are so different that they shouldn’t even like each other. But they do, and they are able to reach a certain equilibrium when they are together. They represent love at its purest and they are proof that family can be found when you feel the loneliest.
– Ronan & Chainsaw (The Raven Boys) – I’ve only read the first instalment at the moment and I’m sure all the Raven Boys should be on the list, but for now I want to give my love to Ronan and Chainsaw (his domestic raven) because I wanted to include a human/animal love in this list.


10. Rose Hathaway & Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy)

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It’s been so long since I’ve read Vampire Academy. And I had many discussion with several friends about this book, making me think that I might like it less if I re-read it today. Nonetheless, back in 2013, this book was the one that made me want to jump back into reading and it made me feel so much. And I’m happy that it displayed such a healthy friendship between girls. Even though Lissa is considered as more important than Rose, their love is pure and unwavering.

9. Lou & Coco & Ansel (Serpent & Dove)


For Serpent & Dove I chose a triple friendship because even though Lou and Coco are the backbones of this friendship and that they have known each other the longest, Ansel was a super cute addition to the initial duo. All three of them were able to give their own lives to save the other. Also, they were so supportive it made me emotional.

8. Inej Ghafa & Nina Zenik (Six of Crows)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "six of crows cover"

Nina and Inej are unexpected friends. They wouldn’t have been if the situation hadn’t brought them together and that’s what I loved about them. They are so complementary and respectful, it was beautiful to read about.

7. Star Carter & Maverick Carter (The Hate U Give)

32313894. sy475

Yay! A father-daughter love is all I ever needed. Of course, in The Hate U Give, all the members of the family are equally important, but I really want to give a shout out to Maverick for being the perfect loving dad.

6. Linh Cinder & Iko (The Lunar Chronicles)lunarchronicles3

I love Cinder and Iko so much. Hell, I ADORE Iko as a character and I find that she was the perfect faithful friend that Cinder needed to go on with her life and to have the strength to become what she was meant to become.

5. The Claremont-Diaz family

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "red white and royal blue"

Red, White and Royal Blue. OF. COURSE. The Claremont-Diaz family is the perfect representation of a solid and loving family. I’m happy that after a father-daughter relationship, I’m able to talk to you about a mother-son relationship as well as mother-daughter and brother-sister ones.

4. Adam Blake & Julian (A List of Cages)


I feel like I don’t speak about A List of Cages enough. To be honest, when I read the synopsis, I just thought that this book would be an LGBT romance, well it wasn’t and I’m not even a bit disappointed. The brotherly friendship between Adam and Julian was so pure and even though this book was so difficult to read, I will always remember how precious their relationship was.

3. The Inner Circle – Mor, Azriel, Cassian, Rhysand, Feyre, Amren – (A Court of Throns and Roses)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "a court of thorns and roses cover"

Haha, am I predictable? Yes, Feyre and Rhysand are a perfect OTP but what makes me love them so much is how they became friends before becoming more. How they tamed each other, and how they gradually started to trust each other. Overall, I just adored the dynamic between those characters, because even though there are love and drama sometimes, they are just friends first and foremost.

2. Emma Castairs & Christina Rosales // The Blackthorn siblings (The Dark Artifices)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "the dark artifices"

I know I’m cheating with this one because I’m putting two relationships at the same time, but it’s not my fault because this book is perfectly showing many different aspects of love. Of course, you may already know how I ship the main characters, they are tied for first place as my favourite OTP ever, but they are not the only spotless relationship in this series.

First of all, I need to address the friendship between Christina and Emma. I really loved them, there was no drama, no jealousy, only pure friendship, filled with trust and love. Then let’s talk about the Blackthorn siblings. I’m still impressed how Cassandra Clare managed to write about 7 siblings and yet making them all having their own personality. And the unconditional love between them all was just too beautiful to not appear on that list.

1. Harry Potter & Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "harry potter new covers"

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Hermione and Harry. I strongly believe in friendships between two persons of the opposite sex (or between two persons of the same sex in case they are homosexual), and Harry and Hermione’s friendship is the perfect example of that. Never once romantical, they are always here for one another, and even when Ron is out of the picture (H.P and the Goblet of Fire & H.P and the Deathly Hallows) Hermione stands by Harry’s side, no matter what.

I once saw a theory that Hermione was actually Harry’s sister, it was very interesting and it made me thought a lot more about their relationship. You can read more about this theory here if you are interested.

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What are your favourites non-romantic love?
What do you think about this list?

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4 thoughts on “{ TTT } Love Freebie – Non-romantic love

  1. Omg yaaas! SO many of my favourite non-romantic relationships as well. Starr and her father were absolutely heart melting and was one of my favourite father-daughter relationships in a book! 💙 Also adored Lou & CoCo & Ansel! I loved the banter between Lou & CoCo and their relationship with Ansel was so sweet — he was a total cinnamon roll 😍 Loved him and can’t wait to see more of them in the next book! Great list 😀

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    1. Yaaay I’m happy you found some of your favourites in this list! I tried to be diverse and I tried the relationship between Starr and Maverick was the best father/daughter relationship I ever read about!


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