{ Review } 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

“I don’t expect to meet the love of my life but maybe, just maybe this will help heal the pieces Griffin broke.”

Read in December 2019

As I told in my previous review, I’m still stuck in seasonal reading, and since this book is taking place during Christmas break, it was perfect. Actually, I wanted to start it a couple of weeks back, but then I saw that this book had date-chapters and started on December 18th, so I decided to postpone it and to start my reading on the same day. Initially, I wanted to try to read each chapter on the actual date in real life, but needless to say, as you can see, I couldn’t wait two weeks and instead finished 10 Blind Dates in 2 days. The story was addictive even though the writing style was simple and had nothing special to it, and even though I found the plot super predictive, I enjoyed myself just the same.

“Do I have to wait until the end of the date to kiss you?”

After bargaining with her parents for weeks, Sophie is allowed the stay in her home-town for the Christmas break, while they go visit her very pregnant sister, Margot, currently confined to bed rest. However, Sophie is not allowed to stay by herself and has to spend the holiday at her grandparents’. It doesn’t matter to her since her plan all along was to take advantage of the situation to sneak away and surprise her boyfriend, Griffin, so that they could have some alone time and spend the holiday together. As soon as her parents’ car drive away, she rushes to a friend’s party, ready to announce the good news to him, when she overhears him talking to his friend about how he is considering breaking up with her, calling her ‘boring’. Sophie is heartbroken and is found crying on her grandparents’ front steps by her Nonna.

In order to cheer her up, but also to keep her thoughts away from her sister’s health, her Nonna has an idea. Since Sophie, as well as her extended family, are staying with them until the New Year’s Eve, they will pick up men to go on blind dates with her. Ten boys, ten arranged blind-dates on ten different days. At first, Sophie doesn’t feel like it but easily gives in after the family’s insistence that she needs to take her mind off the break-up, although she asked for one veto card just in case. At the same time, she reconnects with her cousins Olivia and Charlie, but also with Wes, Nonna’s neighbour and Charlie’s best friend. They used to be called ‘the Fantastic Four’ but she lost touch with them over the years.

“I wish all the dates had been mine.”

Sophie is currently in the last year of high school, meaning it’s the year where she focuses on finding a college and working on having the best results. However, she had lost sight of who she was, erasing her funny self in the process. The true highlight of this book was the family interactions. I’m impressed that with so many different characters, almost all of them had space to be an actual member of this family. The fact that they all stayed under the same roof to celebrate Christmas allowed the book to display heartwarming and believable family display. We had them all; the crazy aunt, the evil cousins, the funny uncle, the wise grandmother and so on. The special sisters bound as well as the unconditional love from a family are also amazingly described.

I used to be so close to my grandmother before she passed away ten years ago, and I have an amazing friendship with my cousins, so the story definitely hit home. Sophie’s family is Italian so obviously, a lot of this book revolved around food and it made me feel so safe and secure. The strong relationships in this supportive family were so cute to read about. The Christmas theme is spot-on (one of the dates is an ugly Christmas jumper party for instance), and I’m happy I chose the right time of the year to read this book. However, I found it overall very predictable and cheesy, this is definitely not the kind of book you read for the ending but the buildup was nice nonetheless.

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