{ Project } Reading 10 books in 3 weeks – Catching up on my reading, reviewing and posting schedule.

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Hi guys,

Sasha @abookutopia posted a video a couple days ago called ‘reading 10 books in 21 days!’ where she explained that she wanted to take advantage of this summer and read more. Well, it inspired me A LOT and I figured out that I could try to do the same. Here is her video if you want to see it.

She gave very good advice to help read more, and I already followed one by limiting my screen time on my phone, blocking social media at 1 hour a day and it already made a great difference. I’m so late in my reading, reviewing and posting schedule, and I know that in the past projects helped me reading more so I decided to dive in.

So here is my project is taking place between tomorrow, July 24th and August 14th and I would like to:
– read at least 10 books
– review at least 10 books (ideally: 5 of my to-review pile and 5 of the ones I’ll be reading for this project)
– try to post at least twice a week (against once a week currently)
– delete at least 10 books from my TBR (and try to go below 150 books on this shelve)

In order to make this goal reachable, I already selected 8 books already, mostly YA contemporaries that are quite short (less than 400 pages) some of which are physical and some of which are dematerialized versions so that I would always be able to read in any situation.

If you want to join me in this, let me know, maybe we could buddy read or support each other.


What are your tips for good and efficient reading habits?


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