BookExpo & BookCon 2019 Recap (Part 2 – BookCon)


Hi again! Here is my second and last part of my bookish weekend in New York. So without further due let’s get started for my BookCon experience.

And let me tell you it was less pleasant than BookExpo in my opinion. Even though I had VIP tickets, I’ll try to explain why.

Before all things, you must know that I won Fierce Reads Author Breakfast, an amazing opportunity to meet individually 14 authors (including Marie Lu, Stephanie Garber and Christine Riccio who I really wanted to meet during BookExpo/BookCon). I felt so privileged and was super eager to go there, but my stupid mind thought that the breakfast was on Sunday 2nd and not Saturday 1st. I realized my mistake too late and missed it. I cried so so bad to have been so stupid. But I met two amazing girls that comforted me (thanks Kristen and Joanne you guys were so supportive).


Day 3: I arrived around 8:30 and there weren’t many people in the VIP line yet. We were given a free tote bag with books and goodies in it but honestly, I’m pretty sure I kept none as I wasn’t interested in them. We also had a free bag drop as well as a resting place and those were super useful. There were 4 signings in total during the weekend and I went to none.

The good thing with VIP tickets is that we have a separate line that is waaaaay shorter and we come in closer to the big publishers, that almost guarantees us a spot in all the 10am we truly wanted. The first day I ran to get VE Schwab signing tickets (I already had some for Sunday but those were late and I was afraid to miss my flight). Then I had time to go in the Erin Morgenstern line to have a signed copy of The Starless Sea.

While waiting on the line I actually saw Victoria Schwab standing there and I tried to sneak a picture (that was rude of me, I admit) and I got caught, here’s the result:

Then most of the day was spent on the signings, here are some photos that I snagged. I’m super happy with meeting Cassie (whom I tried to meet a while back and it was a failure, you can find the article here) she was way more accessible than I thought and actually apologized for the Frankfurt incident!


However, because of the signings (and because I was accustomed to short BookExpo lines), I missed ALL the books I wanted to get for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, I decided to skip on Tomi Adeyemi’s signing and went to a Sarah J Maas fan meet and greet. It was actually super fun. In the end, when I was walking out of the Javits Center, I met all my favourite booktubers and took great photos with them it was a perfect moment!


Day 4: Here we are, Sunday, last book of the show, I brought no less than 15 ARCs to be given away, since, with my calculation, my suitcase couldn’t have made it (weight wise) with the book that I currently had + the book I intended to get. I had already given away many books throughout the show and yet it was nowhere near enough. So I posted on facebook and started to give away the book that I knew weren’t absolutely necessary (spoiler alert, they went away SUPER fast). Since I had seen VE Schwab the previous day, I also gave away my signing ticket. On that day the only things I truly wanted were my two signings (Marie Lu + Marissa Meyer) and A Crown of Coral and Pearl.

I got luckier than the day before since I got signed finish copy of Kingsbane, an ARC of SLAY, and the ho-so-wanted ARC of A Crown of Coral and Pearl. I was so tired at that point that I mostly forgot to take pictures with authors but I still managed to get some cute moments during the show:

In the end, I’m overall disappointed in BookCon compared to BookExpo, the number of books you can get grows smaller and smaller each year (got only 5 free books for two days show compared to the 45ish+ I got to BookExpo, while being super picky), the show floor was crowded (some lines started more than 2 HOURS before the actual drop) and the exhibitors were overwhelmed. They changed staff during the two shows and I feel like they were nicer on BookExpo. Concerning books, I got all those I wanted (almost exclusively thanks to BookExpo), except Ninth House, Into the Crooked Place and Shadow Frost, so I can consider myself happy. And because this is probably why you’re reading this article, here is my final haul (the four books on the left were bought)




Have you ever been to BookCon? What did you think about it?
Link me your haul so that we can compare 🙂

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13 thoughts on “BookExpo & BookCon 2019 Recap (Part 2 – BookCon)

    1. Honestly even today I was watching a vlog and realised what I missed it made me so sad! But overall it was so good that I’ll focus on that 🙂 why didn’t you go?


      1. I’m considering going to YALC in London next month I’ve heard nothing but praises about it and it might be closer to your place. Have you heard about it?


      2. I feel like it might be a little more modest than bookcon/bookexpo. A girl told me there aren’t many arcs there


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