{ Review } City of Glass by Cassandra Clare


“Three words in Latin ran under Stephen’s name: AVE ATQUE VALE. “What does that mean?” she asked turning to Luke. “It means ‘Hail and farewell’”

Read in April 2016

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m super pissed at Cassandra Clare right now. I’m so pissed that I lowered a bit the rating of the two previous books. I could have rated this book with 4.5 stars. I almost did, until the last second, I thought I would. But she ruined the ending to me. I’m tired of her trying to always please everyone, YES she did an amazing job at The Infernal Device series, but here it’s just nonsense. Comparing to TID, this series didn’t live up to my expectations.

So first thing first: I always disliked Clary, from book one. She is immature, spoiled, childish, capricious, stubborn (which is a quality when you don’t have the previously mentioned character traits). And, the icing on the cake, she is one of the most selfish characters I’ve ever read about. I’m not making it up, she literally was like this:

“If you want to take a shower, the bathroom’s across the hall. And there’s a trunk of my old clothes at the foot of the bed. You look like you’re about the size I was when I was your age, so they might fit you. Unlike those pajamas,” she added, and smiled, a weak smile that Clary didn’t return. She was too busy fighting the urge to pound her fists against the mattress in frustration.”

I mean, WHO DOES THAT AFTER THE AGE OF 8?! I know, Clary is the MC and you must ask yourself “How can she hate her that much and still rate this book with 4 stars?”, well my friends, the answer is EVERYONE ELSE. I love all the other side characters, Alec, Isabelle, Magnus, even Luke, and now Simon. And they gave it back to me. They stopped tiptoeing around Clary. I was so proud of them:


“I know,” Clary whispered. “How do you think it is for me?”
“I don’t know. I can’t tell what you’re feeling. You’re not my sister. I don’t hate you, Clary. I even like you. If it were possible, there isn’t anyone I’d rather Jace be with. But I hope you can understand when I say that if by some miracle we all get through this, I hope my family moves itself somewhere so far away that we never see you again.”

“Go ahead and do whatever you want, regardless of who it hurts. You always do anyway, don’t you?”

She is since book one the character I relate to. She is so brave and smart. And she has fears and hesitation of course, but she always tries to be a better person, with no judgment nor pretension. I already said it in my previous review and I reiterate my awe toward her.

Alec is not much present in this book, well at least not enough for me, but I still love him nonetheless. He is not that proud guy who thinks he is better than Jace and Izzy because he as more right (being older, he can be in the center of the real action), he is not bragging around. I love how quiet and poised he is. He is the total opposite of his parabatai and sister, but to me he is the smartest of the three. He thinks a lot we can see that, he also question himself a lot. WE SHOULD HAVE HIS POV IN THIS SERIES! Also I love Magnus. I’ve read a lot of complains that in the series the relationship between Alec and him is botched and moves too fast, but here on the contrary, I don’t have enough of it. We don’t see the relationship building, our two MC being self-absorbed in their own relationship issues. But still, Magnus always is so much fun, I love him, much more than I did in TID (at least that is something which is better in TMI than in TID)


Clary looked at him with her mouth open. “Luke, I didn’t know—”

“Of course you didn’t know. You don’t know anything about Idris. You don’t even care about Idris. You were just upset about being left behind, like a child, and you had a tantrum. And now we’re here. Lost and freezing and—” He broke off, his face tight. “Come on. Let’s start walking.”

I love the role that he has taken in City of Glass, he posed himself as a leader, and a good one. I love that we have a lot of Downworlders in this book, they made everything so much better! Maia is also a character I enjoyed.

Speaking of Downworlders, I HAVE to congratulate Simon in this book! I love how he accepts his position as a Vampire, as Clary’s Friend (and that nothing else will ever happen) and as part of the group. He is confident and that change it all. He used to get on my nerves, now I enjoy him. He understood it all.

On the opposite, Jace became unconfident, self pitying and moody, I liked him less and dreaded his chapter. I would have wanted to see more of his friendship with Alec. It what seduced me in TID. That means that in this book, both MCs were kind of annoying.

Last but not least, I agree that the book was action packed, but I was spoiled by the Shadowhunter family tree that I’ve seen it more than a year ago when I read TID. That means that I already knew the ending. I wasn’t surprised and I thought that this was a little bit far-fetched. My opinion.

Now I’m officially done with the first half of TMI, so I postponed the second half of this series. I read several negative reviews and I have to be less mad before starting it, otherwise, it might be a bloodbath.


Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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