{ Review } The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey


“If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” ― Stephen Hawking

Read in January 2016

My Rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan aka Cassie is the main main character in this book. She is struggling to survive, one of the last representative of humanity after an Alien attack, in which she survived the 4 first Waves purposing extinction of humankind. She used to be the average teenager, she liked reading, hanging out with her best friend Lizbeth, fantasying (from afar) about Ben Parish, the school star with a sexy smile. After the 1st Wave, Cassie is part of those who went on with their life, keeping things as normal as possible, by keeping going to school for instance. When her mother dies from infection during the 3rd Wave, her father decides to take her and her brother Sammy away from the city, to find safety. When the book starts, Cassie is by herself, her brother has been taken by the army, her father killed by this same army and she has only one goal: find her brother back, as promised. While alone, she keeps writing a diary about the past, present, and future. She sleeps with her brother’s teddy bear in one hand and her rifle in the other. She is determined and I really loved her dry humor. This is the character I connected the most with, I really get her.

Samuel Sullivan, also called Sammy or Nugget, is Cassie’s little brother. He is 5 years old and has been taken by the army to “a safer place”. He gave his teddy bear to his sister and made her promise that she will come to meet him in Wright-Patterson, codenamed Camp Haven. Once there, he is tested, tagged and mapped and then he begins training for the children’s army. He joins Squad 53 and became quite close with their squad’s leader: Zombie.

Benjamin Thomas Parish aka Ben or Zombie is one of the remaining survivors; leader of Squad 53, he survived the Waves by abandoning those he loved, by running away instead of facing, and he seems to never really forgive himself about that. He lost everyone he knew in the previous Waves.

Evan Walker is one of the Silencers/Others. As part of the 4th Wave, his role was to find earthen and kill them. He looks like a human as his Alien’s spirit was “downloaded” into his Human host. He finds Cassie quite early in this book but can’t find the force to kill her. Instead, he keeps following her, spying her in the shadow, reading her diary when she is out of camp. Well, he is quite creepy when it comes to Cassie. One day he tries to do what he is meant to do, but misses his hit and only injured Cassie’s leg. When she passes out, he nurses her back to health. I liked this creepy stalker even though he was… well a creepy stalker. He fell in love with Cassie’s personality and her determination. He fell in love with her hope and hopelessness. It was sweet, but kind of insta-love anyway.

Love is a weapon they have no answer for. They know how you think, but they can’t know what you feel.

This book could have been super interesting, but it was written in a really boring way. It was really passive, not many talking, a lot of description. I enjoyed Cassie’s part the most, her dry humor and her duh and eye-rolling really? she was really funny and entertaining. She is what made me keep reading.
I wasn’t really bothered by the fact that we cannot see Aliens in this book (I read many Goodreaders that complained about that), it was part of what interested me in the book: the fact that we never know. Is this character a she/he or a it? And even though we can decide on his/its statute, we still have a question: is this person a Human-Human or a Brainwashed-Human? Always doubting. Always making guesses. I liked it. However, Ben and Sammy’s part were awfully long, not really interesting and didn’t give us much information that we didn’t know yet by Cassie’s POV. It would have been more interesting to not know what happened to Sammy, even if he was alive, and that Cassie finds him at the same time with Ben. For the important parts, I would have rather followed Ringer for instance.

I’m pretty sure the movie will be awesome though. This book’s idea is good, so I’m sure I will like it better with Hollywood’s touch in it 🙂


Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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