{ Review } Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes


“We cannot be stopped. We are eternal. We are life itself. And we will do anything to survive.”

Read in February 2018

My Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

I know it’s time. It’s finally time for me to review this book, which means it’s also time to say mean things about the last installment in one of my top 3 favourite series ever. I initially finished this book 3 weeks ago and decided to rate it with 3.5 stars. But the more I actually tried to write a proper review, the more I realized that I have very few nice things to say about Immortal Reign, therefore I HAD to take-off a full star. Indeed, this book was my most anticipated release of this Fall/Winter season, and it ended up being one of my worst disappointments ever.

First of all, I realize that my disappointment is probably due to the lack of memories of the previous installments (I knew I should have re-read them, I didn’t have the time and now I wish I had). I honestly couldn’t remember the plot, the dynamics or the relationships between the characters. I’m sure my bad brain is one of the main reasons I was not enough invested in this book, BUT there were also several major no-no for me. The book lacked so much depth and was so repetitive; it felt like a running gag, going around in circle, always same-same-same. Same plot, same drama, same deus ex-machina over and over again.

“Actually, that was one of my fantasies while in that hateful coffin: marrying you under the blue sky of Auranos in a field of beautiful flowers.”

Drama can work (I couldn’t have handled a book without any obstacles) but here, they were not real obstacles, mostly bumps on the roads, easily overcome, even more so forgotten. Action scenes were so fast they became blurred and some events were handled rather unceremoniously. I know before this book started I wished nothing more than Magneo to be okay and Magnus to be happy, and now I can only remember the saying “careful what you wish for”. This book gives us the desired happy ending (and that’s one of the only things I liked in this book) but really, it could have been a bit harder to get there –or the story could have stopped with the previous book altogether–

From this point on, there will be spoilers and disappointments, be warned!

Honestly, so many things piss me off. Starting with Magnus’ ring that seemed to solve every single problem, but also with how forced so many relationships felt. Remind me again why everyone mourned King Gaius? On the last book I’ve read, he was a cruel dictator and an abusive father. Why is Lucia part of the heroes? She is as abusive as her father was, and she outdid herself in this book. She did awful things in the name selflessness and yet she was a terrible mother, sister and friend. She got me so mad, always running toward danger without thinking once second about her actions and their consequences. And the abducting felt like a big fat joke, have you try asking if people had your baby before burning the world to the ground? And don’t get me started on Amara and Jonas, they were so useless and boring it made my eyes tear.

“Magnus loved you. He fought for you. He defied me again and again in order to save you, even if it meant his own destruction. He was worthy of you in a way that I was never worthy of Elena. I see that now. And for that alone, you must survive this, Cleiona Bellos.”

Overall, this book just lacked. The story lacked a solid spine, the characters lacked humanization and I lacked emotions while reading it. I think I’ll try to go on with my life and tell myself that this book didn’t exist at all. Just pretend that the story ended with Crystal Storm adding there the happy ending, and hope that my mind will be fooled and still love this series. Honestly, it won’t be that difficult considering that I already don’t remember much about the book anyways and that even Magus and Cleo were mostly acting out of character.



Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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