{ Unboxing } FairyLoot January 2018 ‘Talk Faerie To Me’

Just this box theme got me jumping around like a crazy person. To be honest, at the day and time of its release I was driving and caught in trafic jam (I wasn’t supposed to be, I planned to arrive before the box would start to be available for orders). I so didn’t want to miss it that I had to stop at the first place on the side of the road providing free WIFI (thank you Burger King for making this box happen) and ordered it from the parking lot.

Moreover, this box was supposed to start to arrive the two last weeks of January so I was really hoping that I would receive it on my birthday. It arrived a few days late, as I was part of the last batch, and I know I must sound insane, but read the synopsis and you may get why I was so eager (spoiler alert, it was worth it)

“It’s time to take a trip to Faerie and get your inner faerie on!

The January ‘Talk Faerie To Me’ box features items inspired by faeries in general, as well as our favourite faerie fandoms! You can expect items themed on Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses in this box, as well as general faerie related items. It is absolutely filled to the brim with goodies that you are sure to enjoy!

The book we are featuring is a VERY highly anticipated new release from a bestselling author that has been dubbed The Faerie Queen. We loved this book so much and we are thrilled to be featuring it. It will also come with a signed bookplate and letter from the author.

We will likely be revealing more sneak peaks over the next couple of weeks, but for now we wanted to reveal that this box will have an EXCLUSIVE pillowcase designed by Evie Seo. It will feature a quote from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and it is absolutely stunning. The design is not the same as the picture here, the one we will be featuring is never before seen. This box is filled with exclusive items and we  can’t wait for you guys to see what we’ve put together for you”

Spoilers for the actual content of this box below that point:






Here’s the content of my box




On the top of my fairy loot, there was this MAGNIFICENT pillowcase. With this item only I was already fully satisfied with this box. You may not know that, but I’m moving in a bigger flat soon and I’m actually looking for bookish pillows, Fairyloot has once again anticipated my needs. The art is by Evie Bookish (you can check her Redbubble, she truly have some real amazing pieces) and honestly it’s just gorgeous; the quote is one of my favorite quote ever.


Next was this Faerieland Coloring book by Michael O’Mara, this edition is an exclusive fairy loot and I just LOVE coloring books! I have plenty at home (Disney & ACOTAR for instance) and I find them so relaxing. I love coloring while listening to some audiobook, I found it so calming it is perfect for rainy days. I included in the picture above one of the coloriage you could find in this book, basically it’s a codex with magical creatures, with a definition and a drawing with tiny very spaces to fill.



Now, look how those Feyre & Rhysand magnetic bookmarks look cute! I always find those in the most beautiful shelfies and I can’t wait to place them on my new shelves. The art is just so beautiful and Feysand is my favorite ship of all time, so yeah, it’s safe to say that I’m beyond happy with those.



Then this box contains a small lips balm. You could have Seelie or Unseelie. I personally had Seelie as you can see and I’m super happy with it. The smell is so good (even though I can’t quite describe what it is) and it is so hydrating for a suscription box product. I couldn’t believe to have receive such a high quality balm! My friend Pauline received Unseelie and she says she is as happy as I am with it. Those were made by Geekyclean and I didn’t know this shop at all, I’ve checked it out, and you can find very interesting items there.


As in every Fairyloot box, you could ind in this one two stunning reversable prints. On one face you could see Aelin and Rowan from Throne of Glass by Diana Worak and on the other side you could read two quotes (one from Cassandra Clare and one from Julie Kagawa) by the know well known Stella Bookish Art.



Last but not least, this box contained a “Prince Cardan” candle from Meraki Candles. This is the second Meraki Candle candle I receive in a Fairyloot and I’m once again very satisfied with the scent. Too bad I had a bad experience with this shop when I tried to order by myself. This candle is inspired on the actual Cruel Prince whom gave its title to the book also contained in this box. I actually guessed we would receive this book and I’m super happy as I was highly anticipating this book. I’ve finished it last weekend and I really liked it – and the review will soon be published, it is actually the next article on line –


My buddy reading code this month is #FairyLoot124513, even though I’m already done with this book (sorry, I was just so eager), don’t hesitate to contact me if we share the same code, I’d be happy to have your thoughts on it!


What do you thing about that box? Did you order it?

I didn’t order any of the next Fairyloot yet, the December one got me thinking that I should only order those who really catch my interest.


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