{ Review } Everless by Sara Holland


“The mind flows from the vein as well as years.”

Read in December 2017

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

~ Book received in my last Fairyloot, a couple weeks ahead actual publication, thank you guys ❤ ~

If you want to know the bare minimum about this book before diving in, and I would definitely advise you to know the least you can, I would tell you that its story is a clever mix of Red Queen and the movie In Time (both I adored). That is why that for me it had so much potential. But unfortunately, the book didn’t live up to my expectations. It was really good, and has a lot of potential for a series, but the book itself disappointed me a bit. Actually, I had the exact same feeling after reading Falling Kingdoms (which is a good sign as the rest of the series is gold). So I hope the story will get better and that the rest of this series will grow stronger.

Now, if you want to know more, let me explain the plot, but be careful, there might be spoilers after this point. In a world where time extracted from blood is the currency, Jules and her father are behind on the rent. As she watches him sicken, giving more and more of his blood to pay their debts, Jules makes the difficult decision to take a job as at Everless, the estate of the wealthy, powerful and cruel Gerling family. When Jules was younger, her father used to work there as a smith, but after she witnessed an incident, they were threatened and forced to flee and live in hiding. But she is willing to take the risk to go back in order to save her father.

“Your name?” she asks
I consider giving a false name, but then remember Papa’s first rule for lying: tell the truth as much as you can. “Jules,” I say. It’s common enough. “From Crofton.”

I had a really hard time to connect with Jules, she made so many really stupid decisions. I don’t understand that idea to go against your parents warning just to make a point and then once it’s too late, wondering why they did warn you in the first place. Your parents are supposed to want the best for you, you might want to, I don’t know, try to know why they want you to do/don’t do something before acting. Her stubbornness bored me and even got me mad once or twice.

Other than that, Roan Gerling was so bland; he could have been a rag doll for all he did. He had close to no personality [honestly, reading carefully, he seemed more like a womanizer to me, always smelling different flowery scents Jules previously smelled on other girls]. However, I had a very different vibe for his brother, Liam. This guy is some solid Magnus Damora material! He is the reason why I have faith for the following instalment. However, I didn’t buy the good/bad brother thing for one second, and it’s part of why I lowered the rating, because I found this book sooooooo predictable.

“It’s possible to feel joy and grief at the same time. It’s possible to look forward to the horizon while mourning what you’ve lost.”

The author constantly tried to mislead and misdirect the reader’s intention, and for me, it was so obvious and sometimes even cliché. [I knew that Roan would betray Jules, that Liam had probably a good reason to do what he’d done. And Caro’s plot twist really was weak, as her character wasn’t developed enough to make me care for her.] Overall the character development was weak for a first book but I know it can get better in the next instalment.

However, there were things that I particularly liked in this book, especially the friendship between all ages and genders, how Jules became friend with an older woman but also a younger boy while working in the kitchens. Also I liked that the story was told through the MC eyes, and therefore, we only had her memories and perceptions of things to rely on. How we feel things and how they actually happened are two different things and the author very well executed that part. Last but not least, in In Time, the second they don’t have time, they die, I liked that here their bodies and mind receded before the actual death, and also that even with drinking other’s life you couldn’t live forever, but just longer. That made so much more sense to me.



Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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15 thoughts on “{ Review } Everless by Sara Holland

  1. Ah same rating!! haha i totally agree about not being able to relate to jules… like at all. And the “romancey” bit to it was so unneeded. Literally would of been better if she just left that part out entirely haha but i actually didnt find it to be too predictable. Were you surprised by the “big reveal” towards the end, as to who Jules really is. Personally i didnt see that coming but i thought she would have something to do with the legends because of her thing with time!

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    1. I agree!! The romance part was so out of place that it should have been left on the side and be brought in the next installment, gradually ^^ The big reveal wasn’t so big to me, I expected something similar (can’t be too specific, because… spoilers) but tbh I was at a point where I couldn’t care less ^^


      1. Definitely! We so didnt need Roan, blah hahah but the other one i am intrigued by for sure. And oh okay, i wasn’t so quick on it this time. I am super excited for the next instalment though. Seems like were going to get a quest and i can’t wait to learn more about this world.

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  2. EXACTLY what I wrote!!!! Can’t connect with Jules, Rian was Meh but I see so much potential in Liam. Now that you pointed it yes he looks like Magnus (same vibes).

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  3. Ah real shame about this not living upto your expectations. It’s a cool concept, but shame it took so long to connect to Jules and an even bigger shame that it was so predictable. A lot of this does sound good, but a bit mixed. Great review!


  4. I loved this book when I finished it, but I’m having a hard time remembering it already before I even post a review…and that’s never a good sign. That’s why I always wait to post one. Great points and I loved the movie In Time (it was way underrated imo).

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    1. I also use review as a way to put my ideas and opinion on paper for myself ^^ Bad memory issues are never easy :p

      Yes In Time was so underrated and I enjoy watching it every time 😀

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