{ Unboxing } FairyLoot December 2017 ‘Oh So Regal’

FairyLoot December Theme

Happy Tuesday, and Merry Christmas to you!

Today I’m presenting you my third Fairyloot, and actually it the first one I wasn’t really eager to receive (and also the first that left me a bit disappointed). The synopsis was the following:

“It’s time to shine those crowns and dust those royal jewels because this winter it’s going to get regal!

The December ‘Oh So Regal’ box features items themed around our favourite royals. You’ll find items themed on Disney, Shakespeare, Red Queen and more! This box has such a wide variety of goodies that you’re sure to love and we have collaborated with some fantastic suppliers once again.

The book we are featuring in this box won’t be out until January in the UK (late December in the US) so you will be getting it ahead of publication date! How awesome is that? Our book of the month has magic, royals, mythology and is set in a world where time is used as a currency – we loved it so much! The book will also come with a signed bookplate and letter from the author.

This box will contain a FULL SIZE DISNEY FUNKO POP! We know you guys love Funko Pops so we are so excited to be including one in this month’s box! On top of that, there will be a bunch of other fantastic items. We’ll be posting more supplier reveals over the next couple of weeks on social media, so make sure you are following us on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.”

Spoilers for the actual content of this box below that point:






Here’s the content of my box


Once again a candle, once again a happy Laurie! This is an Exclusive Prince Candle made by A Court of Candles. Depending on your box, you could have received Prince Aladdin, Prince Charming (Cinderella), Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast) and Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid). And I got Ali, and I’M so happy because if I could have chosen between the previous list, I would have picked Ali myself! He is one of my favorite Prince and the candle smells of Egyptian Amber is just perfect for Arabian Nights.


This box also contained an exclusive “Virtuous & Fair” zip pouch designed by Miss Phi, inspired by a Shakespeare quote. It is really cute but I’m afraid it won’t be as solid as I need it to be. Also, I’m the quote has no particular meaning to me.


Then I found a “Books Rules” enamel keychain exclusively designed by Fiction tea designs for this box. I love the color purple and the silvery details are so cute. I’ve already attached to my keys and it makes me so proud to be a reader.


Capture d_écran 2017-12-22 à 19.21.50

Now, let’s move to the biggest item I ever found in a Fairyloot (and also an item I personally love): a full size Funko Pop! Once again, you could have had many of them, randomly between Simba, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Ariel, Jasmine and Tiana. As you can see, I got Pocahontas and I’m happy with her even though I would have preferred Ariel (especially with the pink dress) and Rapunzel that I’m already planning to buy! But basically any Disney Princess except Tiana would have worked (and Simba as well <3)!


Last but not least, this box had a small notebook from Stella’s bookish art, inspired by Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I’ve been let down by this series and even though I like the design, I’m a disappointed but he size of this notebook.


Now let’s move on to the book

Last but not least the book of the month is Everless by Sara Holland, and it was what I liked the most in this box! It’s the first of my Fairyloot that contains a book that I already shelved and furthermore, we received it in advance with its publication date. Surprisingly, even though I did shelved it, I didn’t recognized it with the description they gave. The only black spot is that they have send us the UK hardcover version and I liked the US hardcover version SO. MUCH. MORE.

My buddy reading code this month is #FairyLoot122527, even though I’m already halfway through this book, don’t hesitate to contact me if we share the same code, I’d be happy to have your thoughts on it!


What do you thing about that box? Did you order it?

I especially want to know which Funko Pop! and candle you received!! Also, I ordered the next month box which is themed Talk Faerie To Me (I mean, look at the title, I HAD to) and I was so anticipating this one that I actually stop on the side of the road to order it before it sold out! However I’m still debating for the February box, this one made me realize that I might have to stop compulsively buying Fairyloot boxes and focus on the one that truly please me.



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9 thoughts on “{ Unboxing } FairyLoot December 2017 ‘Oh So Regal’

    1. They always have really good items! I’m a bit disappointed but it’s still a very good subscription box! January was so appealing, I’m sorry you missed it :/


  1. I absolutely love that key chain! Haha, it’s PROUD just to be a booknerd. 😉 Btw, I totally agree with you about the Everless cover! I was a bit disappointed when I saw that cover but at least I’ve heard nothing but great things about the story so I hope you’ll enjoy it way more than the cover. 😀


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