{ Unboxing } FairyLoot October 2017 ‘Villainous’

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Hi guys,

Today I’m presenting you my second Fairyloot box, and one I was particularly anticipating as it fitted my October project so very well. Here is the synopsis:

“Oh, it’s so good to be bad, and there is no better time to be bad than in October! This box is for all the villain lovers out there because the October ‘Villainous’ box is inspired by our favourite fictional villains! Every villain is the hero of their own story, isn’t that right?

There will be items inspired by The Young Elites, Harry Potter, Sherlock and much more! The book we’re featuring is an Evil Queen retelling set in Eastern Asia – it’s a dark jewel of a book that you’re sure to love! It will also come with a signed bookplate and letter from the author.

The first reveal we’re going to share is this box will have TWO hardcover books! The second book we’re including in this box is an EXCLUSIVE EDITION OF THE LANGUAGE OF THORNS by Leigh Bardugo, which fits perfectly into this theme. This edition is a FairyLoot exclusive that you won’t be able to get anywhere else and it is seriously stunning! We won’t show what the cover looks like though, you’ll have to wait until October to see it! The Language of Thorns will NOT come with a signed bookplate, but our main (and secret!) book will.

There will be a total of SIX items in this box (including the exclusive edition of The Language of Thorns), so it is seriously jam-packed! We’ve really gone all out to bring out the dark, evil and beautiful in this box and can’t wait for you guys to see it!”

Spoilers for the actual content of this box below that point:






Here’s the content of my box



On the top of my box was this Exclusive Maleficent Candle created by Meraki Candles specially for this box. While I love Maleficent (I even disguised myself as her few Halloween back) I was very anxious to have a Meraki Candle inside this box. I can make an article for the long story if you want me to, to make it short, I already ordered from this shop 8 candles past May, I ended up never receiving them. After some researches, it seemed like something recurrent especially in France. Many of us never received the candles and those who did complained on the scent. However, I’m happy with this candle, I love the purple sparkles and it smells really good.


This coaster quote is just so perfect for this box, however, I know close to nothing about where it’s coming from (apparently written by Moriaty, who publishes on wattpad.)



At first I thought that was a BIG pin, but it actually was a pocket mirror, and that made me so happy! I’ve been looking for one to have in my bag for so long, and The Young Elite by Marie Lu quote hits home, I’m so glad to have received this in this box.



This might actually be one of my favorite article from this box. That Death Eater Enamel Pin is at the same time creepy and cute. I would feel ashamed to wear just a regular Death Eater Mark Pin (like wearing swastika) but this one is actually the cutest thing I ever seen.



As always, Fairyloot includes two very beautiful illustrations. The one on the left is just so gorgeous, its a quote from Sebastian Morgenstern from the Mortal Instrument series written by Cassandra Clare. The illustration on the right is from Night of Cake & Puppets from Laini Taylor but I never read this book so I can’t really say more about it.


Now let’s move on to the books

This box contained an exclusive version of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo, and I actually ordered this box particularly for this book. And I’m so glad I did, the matte yellow part was changed into shiny dark red, and the result is just perfect. The inside still has awesome illustrations (and you can find some of them on the right). I’m so proud to have ordered this one.

Last but not least the book of the month is A Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao, it wasn’t as much of a surprise for me because the synopsis of the box kind of gave away to many information and I figured out it was going to be that book. However, I’m happy because this book actually seems good and wicked, this sounds promising. My buddy reading code this month is #FairyLoot122688 don’t hesitate to contact me if you share it with me, I’d be happy to have a reading friend for this one.


What do you thing about that box? Did you order it?

I didn’t ordered next months box which is themed Ladies That Slay because even though the theme is attractive, I don’t feel really connected to the characters represented in that box. However, the December box will probably be one I want to have!

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4 thoughts on “{ Unboxing } FairyLoot October 2017 ‘Villainous’

  1. The Fairyloot box this months slays AGAIN, imo! My favorite thing in the box is probably that exclusive Leigh Bardugo book because those illustrations are so damned gorgeous! Btw, I’ve seen some beautifully printed pages inside as well, do you enjoy reading it while admiring those pages?
    I have no idea what’s the theme for their December box but hopefully it has something to do with the lovely Christmas! 🙂 Do you have any expectations for it? ^^

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    1. My favourite item is the language of thorns as well! I loved reading it with the illustrations building! It was really part of the experience ^^ December theme is ‘Oh so regal’ it’s will be filled with royals magic and Disney things!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just saw your review on GR! *heart eyes* Awwww, DISNEY!!!! I’m no doubt going to love whatever’s in the box because how could you turn Disney and royals magic down?? Hope you’re enjoying everything, that Maleficent candle in particular, in this box!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Disney never let me down so I have great hopes for that box 😍😍 I’m so in love with bookish candles and it’s so hard for me to get some that I’m not even sure I want to use it ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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